About us

Fit Food Catering was created by our Head Chef Ryan Skinner in 2015. Through a passion for fitness
and food Ryan developed a wealth of knowledge during his years competing as a natural bodybuilder
while still eating flavor packed meals and creating new dishes in the kitchen. Ryan always had a
passion for creating dishes that are nutritionally dense and flavor packed for friends, family, and
customers at his families business, The Mustard Seed. Ryan spent several years dieting and
getting into an extremely conditioned physique, while perfecting a balance of eating nutritionally
dense meals that are packed with flavor! Ryan continues to push his talents and his team to deliver
the best meals available in the meal prep market. We believe here at Fit Food Catering that meal
prep and eating healthy does not mean you have to eat flavorless boring food. Through properly
portioning you meals and keeping your ingredients nutritionally dense you can eat delicious meals

and get in the best shape of your life at the same time.

Don’t let our name fool you! Though our program was created from a lifestyle of fitness and dieting it
serves many purposes beyond that. Many of our customers have utilized Fit Food Catering for the
convenience. How cost effective the meals are. As well as how simple the program makes meal time.
Keeping you from planning and prepping your meals yourself! We have customers from all walks of
life. Be that nursing, military, business men and women, to the senior that’s ready to have someone
make their meals for them.
Try us today!!